AL SHAMS Product

AL-SHAMS Eye Drops

AL-SHAMS eye drops medicine is a clear sterile aqueous solution of several quality and effective herbs and is supplemented by various mineral salts like Samudrifen, Tankan, Shankh Bhasm and Yashad Bhasm. It is made with the help of various methods of processing and modern special technical installations. It has a very special virtue for curing and preventing diseases such as chronic and acute allergic conjuctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystics. This eye drop is very good for promoting aftercare, developing physical strength of eye muscles, increasing mental function, better, in general, for protecting one against the decline of eye sight.

  • Improves eye sight
  • Treats cataract
  • Cures redness and allergies
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply